About Us

All the people associated with a & R have personality that’s ‘wanting to please’ which comes very naturally. We at a & R Cashmere take pride in all products we make and dedicate ourselves to bring all visitors memorable service and great value.

Our expertise is creating collections by combining the world’s finest materials with exceptional design and extraordinary craftsmanship. Our collections are classic, modern, and chic enough to be worn in a professional or casual environment. 

In running our business we also endeavor to ensure that our activities do not have an adverse effect on the broader world in which we live. All of our Cashmere is derived from Inner Mongolia, providing us with the finest cashmere. We ensure the Mongolian goats are treated with the greatest of care! A & R Cashmere produces the most highly sought after cashmere yarns, carefully coiffed and delicately woven, the individual fibers of these skeins are luxurious and durable. They embrace your skin with total softness and actually improve with wear over time.